Sucking it up

Lying in bed reading various adoption books – Dan Hughes, Perlita Whatsername…all quite thought provoking and sad really.  Is this what we want?

We’re two days from meeting our potential social workers for the first time.  I believe from here we sign our Registration of Interest – if they’ll have us that is.  Do we want them?

Its a weird time.  I feel that I need to speak to some adoptive parents about the joys of parenthood, I think I may have read too much doom and gloom.  Don’t get me wrong, I know this is ain’t going to be easy but it was the idea of creating a family that led me to this path.  I’ve not read about the positive family experience much recently. I thought a hard dose of reality via Dan Hughes books would be good for me, go in with your eyes open and all that.

Eyes very much open – can someone give me the book that helps me smile and feel excited again please…


2 thoughts on “Sucking it up

  1. There are many joys, don’t worry! And there are challenges too because our children have all suffered trauma, and also because parenting is hard – everyone agrees on that one :). It’s important to go in with your eyes wide open, and like you, I did lots of reading from the start. But nothing you read in books or blogs will prepare you for the wonder of being a mother. Good luck!

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