Banister gaps need to be 4 inches not 5 – the home visit

So here I am awake at 2am after an evening of overindulgence at my lovely neighbours. When will I ever learn self control?

Might as well fill my time with something productive so here’s the latest.

So we had our first home visit. Bit of a non-event really. Our lovely SW asked if we’d tidied up for her with a smile on her face. Erm, well, yes but it’s normally kind of tidy.
So this is the garden, good, enclosed. Bedrooms, good size (although currently stacked with new bathroom and in the other an office). Lots of space downstairs both for play and quiet time.

Running through the H&S check list and realise the banister has gaps which are too wide – 5 inches instead of the recommended 4. Lots of ooo’s.

Where do the cats sleep…everywhere. Is that ok?

Locks on cupboards? Erm no but we’ll ensure the cleaning stuff is in a lockable place when the time is right.

Computers need to be downstairs. Internet access needs to be monitored.
TV – sky, parental controls? Erm probably.

One hour later I ask How are we doing? Good she says. Your challenges that you’ve overcome show you can be resilient and the house will be good for kids.

Just need to get that bannister sorted, the rest you can think about when you know the age of your children.

Phew! No cake required. Non event.

3 thoughts on “Banister gaps need to be 4 inches not 5 – the home visit

  1. Our bannisters were too wide too. But they told me not to worry. I have needed the fire extinguisher; my little girl tried to set fire to the house in a tantrum.
    Starts to get real bit by bit. Love reading your blog. Here for you. Mx

    1. I’ve just read some of your blog too, so good, so colourful and heartfelt. For some stupid reason all I seem to see on my blog reader are adoption related posts about animals and American adoption stories. I want to be able yo read great blogs like yours, I’m on wordpress, any tips?
      Thanks for your inspiration

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