#15,000kidsandcounting made me sad

Watched last nights 15,000 kids and counting on Channel 4, I found it sad viewing and my heart went out to those mums. It hit home when Emily (with bullying boyfriend) said something along the lines of ‘she will hopefully have a better life than me, I’ve only got two fs at GCSE and never had a job’. She talked as though she would never be any different. So very sad that she had such low expectations or hope for her own life. What was she, 18 at most?

On the flip side I would have liked to have seen why kids are taken out of care in the first place. To show people the neglect and witness to violence the children suffer. How could they do this though, the confidentiality issues would mean this is impossible.
Be interesting to hear what my family and friends say – I had them all watching. I can hear the empathy for the birth parents now. DH thinks they will read between the lines, I hope so.
Whilst we want to adopt, I would prefer if in life children were not taken away from birth parents.

What a job social workers do! Don’t think I could do that. Need so much empathy but also need to be strong and not have wool pulled over their eyes by manipulative people who have a very warped view of the world.

It’s sad that some people don’t understand what true parenting means. Those people wanted to be with their children so much but couldn’t seem to understand the damage they do. Taking children out of that system which is often going to repeat itself is one way of dealing with it. Looking at the impact that adoption has on many kids, is it worth it? Of course it’s got to be overall but it’s very sad that a child can’t stay with his/her birth mum.

I feel that the system is failing. Where is the education about what makes a good parent and most importantly what makes a good relationship. These people didn’t seem to have a clue. Who am I to judge though? I feel lucky but I wasn’t always.
I was once in a manipulative, violent relationship at 20 years old. University educated from a loving family. It was the love I had from my family that taught me that deep down what was happening to me wasn’t right. Along with the counsellor I saw who pointed out that my problems stemmed from this toxic relationship. It takes a lot of self esteem to leave and I struggled. Emily it seems can’t seem to find hers despite coming across as being relatively smart.

Interested to see part two next week.

Well done Channel 4 and Stockport Social services for being brave enough to tell this story.

One thought on “#15,000kidsandcounting made me sad

  1. I didn’t watch it. I can’t watch programmes like that.
    But, I was interested in what you said about empathy for birth parents. I think it is very important that we (on the other end of the process, trying to help our traumatised children heal) do have empathy for birth parents.
    They will always be a part of our children, even if they don’t manage to continue contact. For our children’s sake we have to try and empathise with their birth parents. I hope that this programme does increase people’s empathy as well as raising awareness.
    Well done for watching it. It is important to see how society views adoption.

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