Who am I?

Panel month confirmed and this career girl is wondering how Ill cope.this post from reluctant football mum has helped.

reluctant football mum

I have just started a new therapy and this was one of the first questions I was asked.  I could tell you who I used to be. I used to be a successful business women, I used to be a good friend, I was a daughter, granddaughter, aunt, godmother, wife, occasional lover, sister in law, daughter in law, work colleague and ME! Confident, self assured, financially independent, out going, organized, independent and ME!

During the adoption process I feel that I have lost me, who I am and who I was.

In the early days I really did not know who I was, didn’t know how to be a mum, didn’t know how my relationship with Mr Football was going to change, the relationship with my mother, friends, work colleagues and school mums.  I had to build a relationship with spud that was not easy.  Not easy when I didn’t know…

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