Time: a strange creature indeed

Hit the nail on the head. Also reminds me of a fav song and guilty pleasure Time by Culture Club…. Which has nothing to do with this theme!

Pedalling Solo

Time is a strange creature. I think we all recognise this, however there are definitely experiences that bring it home to you particularly acutely. Going through the new adoption process is one of those experiences.

To recap, the new process involves finding-out about agencies, choosing one, and registering; this can take any amount of time, for the last bit of which you are already, to all intents and purposes, signed up with an agency, but you are not yet “underway”. Then stage 1 kicks in with two months to do paperwork, more paperwork, find out if you’ve forgotten about any mysterious childhood illnesses at your medical, attend a little bit of training and er – well receive, send, or most likely of all chase up on, more paperwork. Then you go into stage two. And the rules seem to be you then have four months to approval panel. In my case…

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