45 days to panel

I have now worked out we are 45 days or 6.5 weeks from panel (Thanks to @Littlekindreds a fellow preadoptor). Two days ago we finished our paperwork for Stage 2 and now we’re patiently waiting for May 12th when we see our SW who will hopefully have our first draft PAR. what will it say I wonder? Does she understand us? In fact do we actually understand ourselves? It will be interesting to have our lives presented back to us.

So what are we going to do for the next few weeks? We’ll go back to work and the realities and routine of childlessness. I keep telling myself to relax and enjoy the freedom before children. Little Kindreds is ensuring they consciously enjoy and are mindful of the 100 days until they go to panel. I think that’s a great idea.

Our #45 days begin today.

@Littlekindreds blog can be found here Littlekindred.weebly.com

2 thoughts on “45 days to panel

  1. My friends asked their SW for a verbal summary of them as adopters towards the end of stage 2 and were really impressed plus relieved to hear how well she knew them! I’m at the end of stage 1 and getting impatient! Well done you guys, am sure the 45 days will fly by! 😃

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