Ten weeks in to our adoption of two siblings

There is a MASSIVE gap in my blog. For several reasons… life took over and we were simply dealing with it and secondly, what we’re dealing with here is highly confidential, sensitive stuff. I now know when I saw those blogs with a pause just why.

There is so much to say so this is a bit of a synopsis.

We saw these two little saplings aged 2.5 & 4 and it all seemed to come together. Such a massive decision to make but you never know quite what you’re dealing with until you’re in it. Massive leap of faith.

We knew an awful lot of their history (too much sadly). This is good apparently as there will be fewer unanswered questions for us and for the children in the future. Right now I actually have no idea how much I know until the questions come. They are too young to ask.

The process was really quick, from what I remember, around three months from the moment we decided we wanted to proceed to them moving in. Crazy. We found them as we had enquired about two others who had already found families and were sent their profile fro the family finder. Ive got to say, this local authority were amazing from start to finish. Their information was very thorough unlike lots of the other stuff that we saw. It really is saddening to thinking that some children out there are not being placed due to low resources to update details. The amount of information we saw that was at least 6 months – 1 year out of date… a massive time in a child’s life.

I’ll post further blogs on introductions, settling in and the honeymoon period in due course.

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