Navigating my first Exchange Day

We’re booked to go onto an Exchange day 25th June – thought this was a great insight which certainly gives me the heads up on what to expect.

Pedalling Solo

Getting there

“Keep going you reckon?”

“I think so, yep … oh here, here”

My mother, driving, pulls in to an unfamiliar car park. She pauses and we look around trying to work out what next.

“Shall we go a bit further? Over there?”

We thread our way through the main car park and on down past what looks like a sports hall.

“It’s a netball court.”

“Looks like the best parking though if it’s going to carry on raining.”

We stop. We sit. We look at each other.

My mother and I have arrived at our first Exchange Day. Or at least we assume we have. There seem to be quite a few cars. We do that thing of just sitting for a few moments staring out. I think both of us are slightly edgy.

My Social Worker has prepared us. Ok, more accurately she has prepared me and I…

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