This morning I was offered a lie-in but I wanted to get up to see them, something has changed…

Our saplings have been with us almost eleven months.  Last week we had the Adoption Order granted but it still doesn’t feel real.  What does feel real is the love I feel for these kids.  Its taken enough time mind.

In recent weeks our eldest started school and youngest went back to preschool.  I’ve resigned from my job as we’ve been successful in getting adoption allowance (that was another story).  So I’m full time mum about to become freelance Marketeer.  Basically things have changed – I have time and a few hours of perspective.  I really feel that I’ve been hit by a bus over the past 11 months.  To say it was a challenge is an understatement.  Husband still hasn’t recovered from the ‘holiday’ in August, he’s still knackered and cant shake the cough.

That said, I woke up this morning to to little faces saying ‘the sun’s up’ (Gro Clocks – for kids too young to tell the time but need to stay in bed).  Husband dutifully took them downstairs to give me my Saturday morning rest.  Half an hour later and I could hear them and wanted to go down and give them a cuddle.  Its such a wonderful feeling.

What is also a wonderful feeling is cleaning my little boys filthy football boots. It was a really happy moment. Crazy how these things hit you at the most bizarre moments.

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