Adoption Allowance – no chance… oh well ok then

So we’ve had the children for almost a year.  We were told from the start that we would get no financial support, nothing, nada did I say nothing… despite the initial paperwork saying that adoption allowance could be possible.  Anyway, as we were applying for the adoption order, we filled in the form to be assessed for adoption allowance.  It was the most basic form requiring no evidence just an idea of our income/outgoings. A few weeks later we were granted an allowance which has allowed me to give up my job.  I am eternally grateful but slightly bewildered.

My beef is that the whole finance thing is crazy and there is no logic or fairness to it.  We were told by friends that their extremely wealthy friends get a lot of money per month and on review there are a few questions that are easy to answer and wam bam they get it again. Even they admit to not really needing it.

So if you’re in this predicament, don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, push, push and push some more.  Especially it appears since the Adoption Support Fund has become available.

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