Dear Teacher, thank you

I read about so much negativity surrounding schools so I thought I’d share a letter I recently sent to our school where my eldest age 5 started reception in September 2015.  I know this may not continue but right now I feel very grateful.

Dear Mrs Headteacher (all names removed obviously)

We wanted to drop you a note to say how grateful we are for the way you have supported our son X during his first term and introduction to school.  Thank you.

As you know, X is adopted and came to live with us less than a year before he started at X.  We were extremely worried about how he would cope with school as sadly some of his development has been delayed due to neglect in his early years.

We are absolutely amazed at how well he has taken to school and is even disappointed when he can’t go during the holidays.  He often comes out of school with star stickers and on the odd occasion a Head Teachers award and we’re extremely proud.  His former Social Worker is also happy with his progress and so far cites him as a shining example of triumph over adversity.  He is proving to be a resilient little boy.We hear such awful stories of how ‘adopted’ or ‘looked after children’ are misunderstood, and the problems adoptive parents have with getting the right support, but we have honestly been blown away by the commitment of all involved at X.  From Mrs X his teacher visiting his nursery prior to him starting school, through to the PEP (involving me) that you have continued, despite him now being formally adopted, we couldn’t have asked for more.


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