First holiday abroad – low expectation = success


To cancel out the very negative feelings Im having this morning I thought I would reflect on our first holiday abroad.  What a success!

We had such an amazing time.

I was worried to start with as our 5 year old sapling was awake the night before an early morning flight asking lots of questions about Spain – were there going to be other people there?  Do we have to pick anyone up on the way – like the train in the station?  Logical questions but all of which were not conducive to falling asleep.

Anyway, the home routine went out of the window.  All day in the water – pool or at the beach.  The only issue I had was how to keep them out of the sun.  Ok there were more than that but really it was so good.

Spanish hours meant eating late so we got a lie-in.  OMG I cant beleive how I’ve missed life with normal waking hours on a consistent basis.  Getting up at 8am which the children still asleep was a joy.

The best bit was how after their first few days they had abandoned armbands and were happily swimming in relatively deep pools, absolutely loving it.  They can swim, hooray, another marker in life.  We even met a new friend Larry the Lobster – hours of inflatable pool fun…its bad enough walking to the pool with your lilo but this took me to a whole new level of embarrassment. Anything for the children…

We ate out at restaurants – we took their Leappads (I dont care, it worked). It gave them and us a moment whilst waiting for the food or the bill.  We went to a great Spanish night with a trio of men walking around playing spanish guitars and then flamenco – the children loved it.

Self catering non-package, access to a shared pool, a drive to the beach – the perfect combination for us.



One thought on “First holiday abroad – low expectation = success

  1. Glad the holiday was a success! It’s great when they learn to swim. Looking forward to reading another instalment!

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