Three years in to our adoption and how are we fairing?

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I realise I havent posted on my blog for over a year… its been rather manic/eventful/delightful but mainly stressful. Im only able to write this Im up at 4am!?

Delightful because the children are forming their own personalities and they are amazing, funny, smart and increasingly loving.  Delightful because I love them to bits and we have a really strong bond (despite me feeling like an ogre most of the time).

Manic because trying to juggle work, school, after school clubs for two is tough. Manic because when we’re together they talk over each other, argue with each other, we have to tell them everything 100+ times but apparently thats normal.

Eventful because we’ve been to the hospital twice with our son – he pulled a scolding hot cup of tea onto himself off the side (WTF?) and secondly when he feel off a climbing frame in school.  We also went to Peppa Pig land which they still talk about.  They obviously dont remember the sleepless night we had  in the shared hotel room like I do… Eventful because my son took to running out of his class room when he didnt want to do the work.  Thats another post.

Stressful because its relentless.  We have hardly any downtime. My husband says that he comes home from work to his second job of parenting our children.  Stressful because they only seem to respond if you shout or get tough with them. If we dont do this they literally run rough shod over us and the house becomes chaos.  I’m sorry to say that sometimes I shout but bugger it – Im human!

What’s great is that since we’ve had the children we’ve met some amazing people who are now firm friends.  They have similar aged children or they are also adopters – they are our lifeline. They will pick the children up if I’m running late etc etc.  We also have the most amazing neighbours who provide a regular supply of babysitting duties.  My brother has also stepped up to become the best uncle and brother anyone could want.  He will happily take them out for the day – well he’s done it twice!  My best friend Emma  continues to be my rock and will look after the children now and again which is a huge relief.  Most of our expected support network have faded away but thats for another post.



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